About Us

Mission & Vision


Our professional moving company will disconnect plumbing and anything else necessary for transportation purposes. We will disconnect at the marriage line and get the mobile home prepped for the road.


To Make all of your transportation with Bakers flawless and an ease of mind.

Our Objective

  • Unhooking plumbing, taking up anchors and piers, slide on wheels and the axels.
  • Placing plastic wrap and caps if nessecery.
  • Building piers, tieing down anchors, leveling your home.
  • Permits need to be collected for each state that the mobile home enters.
  • Planning from existing foundation wether its on a slab or skirting.
  • Knowing zoning laws for each county and city traveling through.

Baker's Commitment

We are commited to be the leading mobile home transport provider to our customers. We continually improving & implementing safety and quality transportation.

BRIAN BAKER, President
Bakers Mobile Home Transport

Safety Policy

At Baker's your transportation of your home safely and secure is our main priority.
  • We are licensed and insured, so you can guarantee that your move and installation is secure.
  • We have established a very reputable name among Mobile Home movers.
  • We are an industry leader in the transport and installation industry.
  • We will provide permits and know laws and zoning regulations.
  • We always do a final inspection on skirting removal and utility before transport.
  • Your mobile home transport will be moved undamaged and secure.

Our Values

We are a family run business and have family values to our clients and customers. We respect that this is a stressfull time moving a home and will help you ease that stress and pain informing and safely transporting your home.

Baker's is Licensed & Insured Transportation Company.

The #1 Mobile Home Transport Company

Our promise to you is the job will be handled from start to finish with professionalism, honesty, pride, and the highest quality of work possible.

Our Transports are safe and secure. We value being ontime, professional, and prompt with getting your home moved efficiently with permits and zoning laws already taken care of. Our knowledge and experience is far beyond any competitors.

We strive to make your transport of your home simple for you. We take care of the permits to wrapping to our knowledge of letting you understand what all is needed before during and after your transport.

Give us a call and let us help you ease the burden of your big move. At Bakers Mobile Home Transport we look forward hearing from you!